Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the internet is a black hole

Admittedly, I fall into it way more than I ought to.

I think this cartoon pretty much sums it up.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

popcorn and dirty socks- 4, Vic-0

I woke up to an instant message time-stamped at 4 am. It seems Vic has been evacuated from the dorm for the fourth time this semester--this time because an idiot put his socks in the microwave and set fire to them. Too bad it was raining in the wee hours, so it added injury to the insult.

The previous times, popcorn was the culprit. Once, it was to repop an already popped bag.

Here's the thing: Jonathan doesn't think there's anything wrong with this--I'm checking the insurance policies.

P.S. you can really find just about anything on Google, can't you?

It's a beautiful day

It's raining pretty steadily this morning, and it's probaby cold outside. I don't bother checking the temperature because what's the point? I'm not going out in this.

I love rain. I love violent storms, soft rain, sleet, and afternoon thunder showers. I love it when it's windy and the rain is horizontal. I love it when the sun is shining and a quick shower passes through, and disappears just as suddenly.

I stood on the porch with a cup of coffee this morning, just watching the water and listening to the rain beat its rhythm on the roof. So poetic.

Everyone is still asleep, even though it's getting late, but I won't wake them.

I want to keep the quiet for myself.

Friday, February 23, 2007

It was just too painful

There's no way I could sit through the entire Rocketman. Shatner is remarkable. I cringe when I go back and read things I've written, or replay bad choices and wonder how I could have responded differently.

I can't imagine having something like Rocketman in my past.

Of course, I have this blog in my past (and prsent), and it's just as full of self-importance as Shatner.

I think that's pretty funny.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I am soooo excited

Look, I got "hate" comments. My goodness. My sensibilities have now been aligned with the universe.

I think I'll celebrate with William Shatner's rendition of "Rocketman."

In the mean time, things at work have been a little time-consuming. But, as it happens, everything eventually comes out in the wash, and life is too short (de Gray's research notwithstanding) to let little things like that get me down.

Have a great Friday everybody, even people whose blogs I wouldn't get (especially since I can't get to them).

Saturday, February 17, 2007

"I wanna live forever" ... um, no, not really

Every once in a while I run across a crackpot in the news that intrigues me, certainly for his element of crackpotness (is that even a word?) but also because someone somewhere gave him enough credibility to go and publish an article about said crackpot.

Today's crackpot is Aubrey de Grey. This kook is working on a plan to break down the aging process...indefinitely. Read the article here.

The article is not for everybody--I mean, I can imagine that most of you have about a 30 second attention span with this blog anyway, but, I know there are a few who will link to the article and read it. You won't be disappointed if you're seeking comic relief.

He says some pretty honest things about the way scientists think (he's not a biologist, but a computer scientist). I especially like how he comes to the conclusion that we could live a thousand years. Essentially, he says that if you are healthy and having fun, you won't be interested in dying, and this condition could go on indefinitely. Crackpot!

You'll love his reasons for choosing mice for his experiment. He thinks we like mice more than fruit flies. I don't do it justice--read it for yourselves, even if it's just to check out his ZZ Top beard.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The most beautiful picture in the universe

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Every once in a while I'll read one of Yahoo's articles and be--hmmm, that's interesting.

This article, on randomn acts of kindness, and the week dedicated to it, is an okay article, but what struck me as funny is the comments.

The most obvious comment was directed at the media, for waiting until the end of the week to report it. I just love that kind of cynical observation.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A special treat for me, and you

Check out SQPN's latest episode of The Secrets of Harry Potter podcast. Besides the fact that it is totally brilliant, and the best episode ever (to date!), you'll hear a voice at the end that you may recognize. Hint hint: this person speaks Spanish. BTW, props to Achi for helping with Haitian Creole. And Jennifer (she of the olive oil and goats)for recording the Spanish!

While you're there, you might as well look around at all the cool podcasts that are available for your interests.

Of course, you must check out Rosary Army, too. And while you're there, you might check out my column, Monday Musings.

Ok, wow, so I never made a commercial before--but you all love me so you'll check these sites out.

St. Valentine's Day Greetings to My Favorite Peeps

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What am I, chopped liver?

The rumored third child, who is really the first! I love you Vicky! ! !

Monday, February 12, 2007

February 12 of 12

Another 12 of 12 brought to you by Chad--check out the instructions and other very cool people who play along. In a nutshell--our day represented by 12 photographs.

Sometime before 7 am I figured that I better look professional. I'm up against an all-day seminar, so the pictures are gonna be morning and evening heavy. It's not like a notepad could be fascinating. Anyway, here's my fancy gray suit that makes me feel like a banker. Maybe I can entertain myself by pretending to be Scully. Only, I don't have red hair.

It's 7:30 and I'm running late and I realize I HAVE NO GAS! I hate pumping gas in nice clothes. That's why I have children--to pump gas and do other menial things.

At about that same time I realized that the thing poking me in the thigh was a crucifix from a rosary that I had left in the pocket. Ok, I was gonna pray anyway. This one looks a bit like a reject--it's about 2 feet around, just a tad big, doncha think?

8:50-ish I thought I'd get the last picture of me looking alert and happy before being sucked into a 7-hour black hole. Still not feeling the Scully thing, but then again, my partner ain't exactly Mulder. I suppose that's a good thing.

After finally emerging at around 4, I am ready to abandon my post and head home.

Is it too much to ask for that one day I could avoid the exhaust from these Cheese Wagons?

This old gentleman caught my eye at a red light. I won't mock him, he was just so diligent to move at his slow pace, but he was moving, and I think that's great. Don't read anything into it beyond that. I hope one day when I am old that I won't be thwarted by a cane and keep my independence as long as possible. Go old man!

At 6 pm I decide to make chili because a) it's cold outside, b) it's a tasty meal, c) it was the only thing that was thawed. If you guessed A or B, you are wrong.

7 pm I got around to listening to the Rosary Army podcast. It's about goats, which is only marginally better than olive oil. These guys are out of control. You should give them a listen.

8 pm I got a sound card for my computer. Hurray. Jonathan is installing it now. I can finally stop squatting on other people's 'puters.

9 pm Christy came home from a long day at school--here's her lacrosse gear---and here--is THE NEW STAGE MANAGER for next year's musical! The list was posted today, (and Jonathan got a nice part, too). She's practicing her pained looked of anger, disgust, and angst for when things start to get ugly.

The bonus is LOVE and this definition of love isn't necessarily the one people are looking for. It's a cheat, since it was taken in January, but if you pay attention, you'll recognize the guy...teehee. This love is about the love of art, and the drive for doing things that bring joy and the fulfillment of doing something well and that you're good at. This is Christy at the state thespian conference, and she came home so pumped and so "in love" with what she enjoys doing, that's it's the right picture for the spot this month. She's with Chad Darnell, one of the speakers at the conference. Christy says he was funny, and honest, and full of all kinds of useful advice, such as "Don't audition with 'I will Survive.' " I'm sure that makes sense to somebody. P.S. Thanks for the picture, Chad, it's hanging in my home office. You rock!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another year? You're catching up!

Happy Birthday Christi!

And! ! ! Luly's Santo!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Not that I put any stock in horoscopes

And generally, I don't even bother reading them, but my eyes were drawn to it today, and it has actually captured my mood this week, so I'll share it:

Your discouragement is running high as all your obligations get in the way of your true inspiration today. Your spirits dampen, for it's hard to stay upbeat when your energy is sapped by mundane chores, leaving little left over for your most creative endeavors. Have faith; hope will return, leaving you in good spirits for the rest of the weekend.

Hmmmm--it really says nothing at all, and while John is completing his audit, and Jonathan is out at a competition calculating (let's hope trig doesn't trip him up again) and Christy is beating people with a stick (a Lacrosse scrimmage), and Vicky is no doubt still in bed, and I am preparing a lesson on writing -- the house and all it's chores is waiting patiently for me to give it some attention.

So is a weekly column, a monthly challenge (I believe somebody threw down that gauntlet), an unfinished project due very soon, and that insidious pain in my neck, Darknet.

Whine whine whine.

Wine! Wine! Wine!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I haven't really had time to focus on any of my rapier witted comments for here. Things have just been a bit busy, plus my on-line classed imploded, and I think I need to reset it tonight.

Just for the record, no, I haven't finished Darknet yet, either. Now enough of that. I have been doing some writing, though, so I'll offer up those little tidbits for entertainment.

There's my usual Monday Musings over at Rosary Army. I've gotten some nice feedback from that one, which is always nice. I've noticed I get more feedback when I actually put my addy as a hyperlink. Once, though, I got a very bizarre comment. Let's just let that go.

And today, Rob at Ink 'n Doodles put up an essay I wrote for there on the blog page, which is a nice compliment for me. It's kind of a self-indictment, but hey, confession is good for the soul.

So that's it. Hi to everybody, and I hope to be able to return tomorrow with a commentary on Chrsity's adventures at the Thespian conference, and her audition (and Jonathan's) for the musical next year. I don't get why the auditions are now, when they haven't even opened the spring musical, but hey, I'm not the one doing it....

And finally, Chad posted his reminder for the 12 of 12 next week. I hope you guys play along--it's great fun!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I stand corrected, Vic

49,500 minutes.

Some other random tidbits that could go here, mostly because I'm pretty pre-occupied by the latest bane of my existence (not the dog) my on-line class.

Jonathan went to school yesterday WITHOUT shoes. How does one do that? The amazing part is no one said anything.

I really really really need to get my haircut, and felt this was an appropriate venue to whine about it.

I also need to renew my driver's license (see comment above for more whining commentary).

While I'm at it, I also need to do some laundry,

Pick up my medicine,

Grade some papers,

And make dinner.

How about a promise for the essay I wrote for Ink and Doodles, but IT WON"T LET ME POST!!!

Okay, I'm done. Have a nice evening.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

50,000 minutes

What is that?

A conservative value of how many freakin' minutes I've waited on my children.

Incidentally, that conservative number excludes things like waiting for them to get back from sporting events, concerts, meetings, and the random whatever.


Because I pulled into the school parking lot at 4:40 pm, because Jonathan said they'd be back at 5. It turned 5. It turned 5:15. It turned 5:30. At that point, I felt they were running late, but they would pull in any minute.

It turned 6. I got angrier. It turned 6:15. A bus pulled in so I started the car and pulled behind the bus. A bunch of cheerleaders got off. Wrong bus.

The little wiener showed up at 6:45 pm.

I prayed a rosary, read a book, worked on a script, cleaned the car, called John to complain, talked to Christy, who incidentally, spoke with Chad Darnell of 12 of 12 fame--she was giddy, I think it's cute--and then I got really teed off when he called to say he was 10 minutes away.

Nice call there, boy.

So I calculated a minumum 15 minute wait for every activity, including 180 school days, 36 religious education classes, 5 programs/concerts/awards ceremonies a year.

50,000 minutes

At the end of my tirade I remembered to thank God that they always come back.

I succumbed

You'll note I didn't do some of them. I already have a weird name, so no sense in finding my name in a foreign language--it's already foreign.

And about the pet thing? The only answer is DEAD.

You are Mahogany

Stable and decisive, you lack the hyper energy of most orange colors.
You're still energetic, but you tend to project a peaceful, relaxed vibe.
You love to feel cozy. You often rather wrap up in a blanket than go out for the night.

You Have A Type B Personality

You're as laid back as they come...
Your baseline mood is calm and level headed
Creativity and philosophy tend to be your forte

Like a natural sedative, you have a soothing effect on people
Friends and family often turn to you first with their problems
You have the personality to be a spiritual or psychological guru

You Are 0% Redneck

I'll slap you so hard, your clothes will be outta style.
You ain't no redneck - you're all Yankee!

Your Vocabulary Score: A+

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.

this is what happens when you're not available to your friends

In a Past Life...

You Were: A Brave Assassin.

Where You Lived: Boliva.

How You Died: In Childbirth.

After having made a date with the kitchen, which desperately needs a deep cleaning, and sharing that information with my bestfriend, the logical course of action would be that after a bitch of a week, she would drop in for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. AND she hooked us up with some German liverwurst. Yeah, my hubby really likes it.

The best laid plans and all that. Himself wanted to go out to eat because of one of his many hankerings. The Boy was all about that, so I went along for the ride--um, the meal.

And then I went home and took a rather enjoyable grilling from an editor who has enough faith in me to take the time for a grilling. That's incredible. And even though my brain cells are sore, and I think I see what I need to do, the ego, surprisingly, is in-tack. That's what I call people skills!

So, having abanondoned my friend, I see that she took two-hundred and forty-three of those stupid on-line quizzes. I should have been available.

I took one [see above] and it sufficiently amused me. Actually, I was far more amused that she turned out to be a "diseased magician."

Somehow, I kinda like the Assassin bit, but dying in childbirth doesn't quite match. Think about it.

Friday, February 02, 2007

just thinking outloud

If I was one of Castro's minions, I would hold off on releasing the news of his death until Sunday about mid-afternoon for maximum chaos in Miami.

I lost count so I have to start over

Thursday, February 01, 2007

the saga continues

This morning I was listening to an NPR segment on a post-Soviet Russia, and how from a business perspective, it is ranked in the lowest quarter for good places to do business. It has a growing oil production business that isn't getting credibility because there is so much corruption within the government and the industry.

It's a shame, but it has everything to do with the terrible conditions found under the communist regime. When the people are oppressed, they find creative ways to do things, I suppose. Bribery and corruption become the real currency.

Anyway, it makes me think of the conversation I was having with my dad earlier this week. He is optimistic about the possibilites in Cuba with a post-Castro government. I am not so optimistic. The people have been used to corruption and bribery and fear for almost 5 decades. Suddenly, they are going to understand a free economy?

I'm betting on seeing the ugly underbelly of capitalism distorted into a different, but equally oppressive gang mentality, instead of the opportunity to work hard and make a good living.

Maybe I'm too cynical. Maybe the effects of a welfare state are profoundly devastating. After looking to Russia and seeing the problems there, it's not a big leap to imagine that Cuba will be the same, as it was a mere puppet and satellite, first of the Communist lies, and then, specifically, of Castro's distorted perception and totalitarianism.

I hope I am wrong, and the Cuban spirit is stronger than the physical destruction imposed upon it.