Monday, June 30, 2008

The Virtual Life

Saw this in my facebook news feed:
David S. and Allyson S. are now friends. Allyson found David through the People You May Know tool.
David and Allyson are married.

In real life.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

An unlikely movie review

I just watched an Adam Sandler movie. Surprise! It's called Spanglish. The title intrigued me when I saw the trailer for it a hundred years ago, and then, when I saw that it was Adam Sandler, I got a bit deflated. I see Sandler and I think of crass goofy junk that appeals to teenagers with no taste. Except, that I'll watch when I am feeling---oh, I dunno---careless? goofy? daring? stupid? Whatever.

Anyway, Spanglish was very good. It was Sandler playing a regular guy. Not the extreme loser caricature, but a regular husband and father. He has a dysfunctional wife who brings a housekeeper, Flor, into the mix in a rather funny way. The story is narrated by Flor's daughter, by way of a college admission essay, so we understand that the story is less about the family, and more about what Flor's daughter learns, but the lessons are painful and, I think, pretty believable. The plot goes down the path of infidelity and conflicted feelings, but manages to end where it should. And that's what surprised me. The obvious choices were obvious, so it threw me a bit when they didn't all happen as expected. I also wasn't expecting "responsibility" to be brought up. They could have substituted "commitment" for responsibility, but I guess that's semantics.

The conflict that bubbles underneath Tea Leoni's character and her mother surfaces rather surprising between Flor and her young daughter. She challenges her daughter with a very serious question--perhaps the question that as parents we worry about but never want to verbalize. Again, the predictability factor goes out the window because I never expected the question to be asked, let alone answered.

I usually get tired of movies when they become predictable and easy to figure out, yet this one kept me on my toes. Who knew Sandler could do something serious? (he still plays the kind of dazed-surprised-bumbling kind of guy, only it's engaging in this movie).

And by the way, Cloris Leachman for the win. When she tackled Tea Leoni I thought I was going to spew water all over the place.

Lying on the recliner, inhaling vicks vapo-rub

I've been fighting a bug all week--the insidious kind that sneaks up on you even though you're aware of it peripherally. I knew I was going to be sick because I've been really tired and cranky (ok wise guys, crankier than usual). Anyway, I'm achy and my muscles and joints hurt, and my right ear hurts, and whine whine whine.

Ha. I feel better already.

Friday, June 27, 2008

after the CNMC, now what?

After a pretty heady week of enjoying all kinds of interesting buzz from the Catholic New Media Celebration in Atlanta, I am slowing down a bit, partly in exhaustion, and partly in the need to get back to the status quo.

The thing is, I think the status quo has changed. I mean, Steve from On the U tweeted yesterday that there's been a crazy friending episode at True true true. I've made a lot of friends already, and I know there are many more to come. We just haven't all gotten around to it yet, I imagine.

All kinds of folks, from creators to users, have been posting pictures, videos, you name it, from the celebration. That's just the starting block for new creative endeavors that will follow in the coming weeks. More than a few folks have started brand new podcasts---it's all exciting!

Rob Suarez, creative-type extraordinaire, posted a link to Chris Brogan's site, who has a list of different ways to brand yourself. I figure, spread that love around---it's what we're doing, and definitely what we came off the CNMC intending to do.

If I can use an old tag line from Rob, go create something!

watch out, maybe Eric? Daniel ! ! !

This kid rocks! ! ! You heard it here first.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Who loves ya, baby?"

A sweet dear friend is sporting a new look because of an illness that he's currently kicking in the butt. Pray for him and his wife--it would be a cool thing for you to do.

P.S. He's better looking. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a Weekend!

Celebration was the theme of last weekend’s back-to-back events, the Eucharistic Congress and the Catholic New Media Celebration, and such a grand celebration it turned out to be.

The weekend kicked off on Friday night with the Eucharistic Congress, an opportunity for the faithful to come together and reflect on the values of our faith. Speakers and featured presentations led the way to a weekend of reflection and insight into the most essential elements of our faith, centering around the Source and Summit of that faith, the Eucharist. Adoration and reconciliation was available, and of course Mass.

During breaks in the different tracks, congress-goers had an opportunity to wade through an often crowded vendor hall, where Catholic-themed booths sold anything from t-shirts emblazoned with “I love my German shepherd” to books by well-known and not-so-well-known authors, to beautiful statues and stunning icons.

Rosary Army had its usual presence there, with volunteers handing out free rosaries and teaching the knotting technique to hundreds of curious pilgrims. Boris and Natasha, and Jon H. from the forums led the campaign to show as many people as possible how to make, pray, and give away the all-twine rosaries that have made Rosary Army a popular booth at the Congress. Several thousand rosaries and chaplets were distributed, each with the joyful supplication to grow closer to Jesus Christ through His Blessed Mother.

Sunday’s Catholic New Media Celebration, organized by the Star Quest Production Network, served as an opportunity for fans as well as leaders in Catholic new media to come together and share the wealth of knowledge and opportunities available to take this new evangelization to the next level. A powerhouse collection of well-known bloggers and podcasters from all over the internet and the world, fans, and curious faithful, eager to learn about evangelization using new media, gathered in a giant community-based celebration. Guest speakers and panelists addressed the elementary steps of blogging and podcasting, and the veterans who had seized the opportunity early to use the internet for evangelization brought their wisdom and experience to the audience.

Fans, roadies, stalkers, and the curious, as well as bloggers and podcasters had an opportunity to get to know each other and do a little bit of social networking and celebrating. The big game this weekend was placing Facebook mugshots with real people. I have to admit that I sat next to a facebook “friend” and only realized after the event that I had missed an opportunity for real-life interaction. Hopefully, there’s next year.

Of course, I thought it was very exciting that the second season of That Catholic Show premiered at the event. How cool was that?

The simplest, yet most profound advice came from Mark Shea, who suggested that we blog about what we love. If we try to serve an audience, then no one is satisfied, but in seeking what interests us, we’ll find our own niche. Excellent advice from a guy who is disarmingly funny, and still packs the power of the Truth, even if he does sound like a babbling banana slug.

taken from a twitter link--thanks bob!

Alas, a brilliant video with some drama attached. Hmm. Back to previous discussions of attribution. The guy is right. The original piece I started to post was edited to only have Darth Vader, but here's the full clip.

It's all relative

Still not up to writing all my thoughts about the CNMC this past weekend, but I'll get around to it, maybe even later today. I've been up since a little before 6 am trudging through the email accumulation that built up from the days leading up to the eucharistic congress, and then of course, the Sunday celebration.

Once the chore of pitching or filing the emails was done, I was able to enjoy catching up on some blogs (ironic? most of my favorite bloggers were at the celebration!).

Anyway, I have to give a shout out and a request for comment love to go to Wency at, who is sharing his fantastic journey to fithood, in all aspects of his life. He is random and profound, and pretty darn funny. And evidently he is getting deeply into some improv. Way to go, um...Slaho.

And then I got around to reading BonBlogs because she is absolutely hilarious. This post, although from last week, was new to me this morning, and it is an absolute must-read for all of you! We all have a Gladys Kravitz in our neighborhoods; interesting how she has become an archetype. Funny funny read.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Win $250 for the cutest First Communion Photo

Win $250 for the cutest First Communion Photo

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The latest insanity

I just ran across this article about women with long nails complaining that the iPhone is some misogynistic plan to exclude women from the technology.

Why? Because women (and men for that matter) with long nails have difficulty using the phone.

Um. Cut your nails, stupid.

I admit that several hundred years ago when I was young, getting a weekly manicure was on my list of "things to do. " A manicure. That means having nicely shaped, perhaps painted, definitely neat nails.

It does not mean looking like a circus freak. And yet, circus freak status seems to be the way to go with some folks. I can't count the number of times I've been distracted watching clerks with 2 inch nails try to maneuver a cash register.

Besides slowing the line, it's not even attractive. At. All.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Boris and Natasha Rock!

This weekend was the Eucharistic Congrss in Atlanta, and while it'll probably take me a couple of days to regroup and post about so many of the cool experiences, I absolutely have to give a shout out to my new friends Boris and Natasha. They rock!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Look Wency!

I updated here, and here.

By the way, props to Vic, who turned me on to, the music genome project.

That is all. I just realized a failed opportunity to Rickroll y'all.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

open response to "desdecuba" blog

Today's political rant is courtesy of a blog post at, which spit out my response, no doubt because I got longwinded and psycho:

Leí con mucho interés el análisis de las consecuencias a Cuba de una administración norteamericana dirigida por un presidente Obama.

El primer punto, el de las caricaturas de un presidente negro, esta muy interesante. Les doy toda la razón en temer las consecuencias de caricaturas que caigan mal, pero les pregunto esto: ¿los periodistas deben de tratar a Obama igual que a otros candidatos o políticos? Si no, ¿por que? Si están aplicando otro criterio, entonces no están cumpliendo con sus deberes de periodistas. El que se postula para una posición política también se postula para las consecuencias de estar en la vida publica. Yo propongo que usar otro criterio porque Obama es negro es racismo.

Cuando Martin Luther King. Jr. declaró en su muy famoso discurso que soñaba con un futuro donde la medida del hombre se basaba en su carácter y no su color, muchos pensaron que el cambio vendría rápido.

No ha sido así. Hoy en día experimentamos un problema racial doloroso por varias razones.

Entre los negros hay muchos que han echado p’alante—que se han dedicado a un cambio personal, dedicados a la educación, a la independencia económica, en fin, dedicados al alcance de un sueño protegido por nuestra constitución y establecido en nuestra declaración de independencia en 1776 que declara, entre muchos derechos indispensables a la existencia humana, el derecho humano de vivir en libertad, y tener la oportunidad de llevar al fin la felicidad.Entre los negros también se encuentran aquellos que sufren una herida tan profunda, tan llena de dolor, de complejo, de abuso, que no saben como o no tienen interés en dejar el pasado y proceder con los cambios que si han ocurrido, a pesar de un grupo pequeño pero poderoso que beneficia de esta parálisis social.

También existe entre los blancos un grupo que no tiene interés en ver este cambio. El racismo en este país si existe. Es una triste realidad. Sin embargo, estamos llegando a un punto donde los extremos del racismo (y tenemos que reconocer que existe por ambos lados) no nos gobierna.

El hecho que Barack Obama ha llegado a esta posición en la política norteamericana es una indicación que si han ocurrido cambios en este país.Desafortunadamente, hay personas que votaran por el, no porque entienden sus pólizas o están de acuerdo con su visión para el país, pero por el color de su rostro. Esto es racismo también.

Votar por cambio por el hecho de cambio no es responsable, ni practico.Yo no voy a votar por Obama porque no estoy de acuerdo con su plataforma. La diferencia fundamental entre los demócratas y los republicanos esta en el control y el poder del gobierno. Yo quiero un gobierno con interés en la protección del país, y en la protección de mis derechos. Yo no quiero un gobierno que gobierne mi vida personal. Yo no quiero un gobierno que me quite mi dinero a las malas a través de los impuestos, para desarrollar programas los cuales no estoy de acuerdo.

Es muy bonito ver un candidato joven, representante de un grupo que tradicionalmente no ha tenido una voz en la política de este país. Es peligroso basar una elección en solo este punto.Los viejos fueron engañados por otro joven lleno de idealismo… y mentiras. Que Dios no quiera que una nueva generación caiga víctima a las mismas mentiras, disimuladas como cambio.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fly on the wall? Not any more!

After missing weeks of my favorite podcasts because of an internet block at work, I have recently discovered that I can view and listen to the Daily Breakfast via ustream in my office. I've been pretty put out by the block because of mp3 downloads by students, so I understand the policy, but I'm still put out by it.

Anyway, part of this ustream thing is that Father Roderick, host of the Daily Breakfast and podcasting priest supreme, is running an experiment by broadcasting live all day. Weird? I dunno. We are definitely in a voyeuristic society. I can't decide if I tune in to this 21st Century version of the Romans watching the gladiators for entertainment, or if it is really a social experiment with merit.

Who cares, it's entertaining, and has led to some interesting discussions. It is, oddly, a very fascinating way to be available to people who have deep and profound questions of faith. Perhaps, his improvised "Truman Show" or rather, "Roderick Show" can impact someone (many ones).

It's also pretty funny. Today, he was annoyed by a fly, and got the greatest looking fly swatter (it looked like a mini tennis racket) and wandered about his living room in pursuit of the offending fly. I wanted the fly to escape. Really! But we heard the demise of the fly: first the splat, and then his satisfaction in squashing the fly.

What Would St. Francis Say?

Note: It does not escape me that I need a hobby if I am entertained by a priest chasing a fly on the other side of the world. In my defense, I just finished grading research papers and final exams, and needed some mindless entertainment. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Jim McKay dead!

In the wake of the recent dead celebrities and my lack of interest in posting about them, I have decided to put out this brief post.


Because as a former jock(ette), memories of my childhood and the 70's include an awful lot of time spent in front of the TV on Saturday afternoons watching ABC's Wide World of Sports. I am often consoled in my defeats, and humbled in my victories by the tagline, "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat." Watching the guy tumble through the air was enough perspective on the whole competition thing.

Anyway, just thought I'd share.

I haven't spewed about Cuba lately

But this article from Vic has had me laughing for a number of reasons. It appears that the Cuban government will now allow free sex change operations for anyone that qualifies.

This from a government whose human rights violations included the systematic hunting down and execution of homosexuals, and most recently, the imprisonment of HIV positive persons in death colonies where they were removed from society. Hmm. I see. All this blustering about a healthcare sytem that rocks. Ask those poor folks.

Anyway, back to the sex-change news. Further proof that Fidel is not only dead, but has been dead for some time.

In other news...before buying a cell phone or getting a sex change, I think I'd opt for food. And free elections. And a free market.

Just sayin.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

what number was I on?

The great gratitude experiment of '08 seems to be a bust, but I suppose it's never too late for gratitude.

This morning I am grateful for oscillating fans. The AC broke. At a state of the art technical college that specializes in HVAC certification. Ironic much? We're waiting on the outside vendors to come and repair it.

They will be my heroes.

Meanwhile, I lost the pantyhose. C'mon, it's hot as blazes in here. And it's not like my personal thermostat is in any shape to deal with external hot flashes on top of my own very special reserve.

That is all.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Huh? [updated]

Posted on the fly yesterday and called to task by Vicky for the right attribution. Here's the gist of the text messages:
Vicky: Did you take those pics?
Me: Nope. Stole them off a priest's facebook page.
Vicky: You stole it from a priest?!
Me: Yep.
Does this count as a confession? Just askin...