Saturday, June 07, 2008

I haven't spewed about Cuba lately

But this article from Vic has had me laughing for a number of reasons. It appears that the Cuban government will now allow free sex change operations for anyone that qualifies.

This from a government whose human rights violations included the systematic hunting down and execution of homosexuals, and most recently, the imprisonment of HIV positive persons in death colonies where they were removed from society. Hmm. I see. All this blustering about a healthcare sytem that rocks. Ask those poor folks.

Anyway, back to the sex-change news. Further proof that Fidel is not only dead, but has been dead for some time.

In other news...before buying a cell phone or getting a sex change, I think I'd opt for food. And free elections. And a free market.

Just sayin.


Anonymous said...

Give them Hell !!



Anonymous said...

So proud of you! Thanks