Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Can you believe that I moved?

Me neither! GO HERE!

tired of paying $4 for a cup of Joe?

It looks like Starbucks is closing 700 stores. Hmmm. Could it be that the sane people have decided to A) go local, intimate and less expensive, or B) brew their own?

The article suggests that the economy is at fault, rather than the obvious, that it's just not good business sense to open a store across the street from an existing one. I mean, what moron thought of THAT plan?

I love Starbucks for introducing the county to the idea of coffee as a treat and social experience. Really. I come from a culture where there is great ceremony in offering coffee to guests (and the subsequent faux pas of refusing), and my two stints in Europe further cemented that drinking coffee is more than just the ingestion of caffeine, but something to be enjoyed, even linger over.

Too bad for Starbucks for missing that part of the equation. Too many drive-thrus have diluted the experience for me. Thank God for places like this.