Friday, June 27, 2008

after the CNMC, now what?

After a pretty heady week of enjoying all kinds of interesting buzz from the Catholic New Media Celebration in Atlanta, I am slowing down a bit, partly in exhaustion, and partly in the need to get back to the status quo.

The thing is, I think the status quo has changed. I mean, Steve from On the U tweeted yesterday that there's been a crazy friending episode at True true true. I've made a lot of friends already, and I know there are many more to come. We just haven't all gotten around to it yet, I imagine.

All kinds of folks, from creators to users, have been posting pictures, videos, you name it, from the celebration. That's just the starting block for new creative endeavors that will follow in the coming weeks. More than a few folks have started brand new podcasts---it's all exciting!

Rob Suarez, creative-type extraordinaire, posted a link to Chris Brogan's site, who has a list of different ways to brand yourself. I figure, spread that love around---it's what we're doing, and definitely what we came off the CNMC intending to do.

If I can use an old tag line from Rob, go create something!

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Jeff Young said...

Excellent, Maria! And you've got it right. It's wonderful to relish the afterglow of the CNMC, but at some point we need to get out there and create some rockin' awesome stuff! Thanks for the gentle push!