Saturday, February 03, 2007

50,000 minutes

What is that?

A conservative value of how many freakin' minutes I've waited on my children.

Incidentally, that conservative number excludes things like waiting for them to get back from sporting events, concerts, meetings, and the random whatever.


Because I pulled into the school parking lot at 4:40 pm, because Jonathan said they'd be back at 5. It turned 5. It turned 5:15. It turned 5:30. At that point, I felt they were running late, but they would pull in any minute.

It turned 6. I got angrier. It turned 6:15. A bus pulled in so I started the car and pulled behind the bus. A bunch of cheerleaders got off. Wrong bus.

The little wiener showed up at 6:45 pm.

I prayed a rosary, read a book, worked on a script, cleaned the car, called John to complain, talked to Christy, who incidentally, spoke with Chad Darnell of 12 of 12 fame--she was giddy, I think it's cute--and then I got really teed off when he called to say he was 10 minutes away.

Nice call there, boy.

So I calculated a minumum 15 minute wait for every activity, including 180 school days, 36 religious education classes, 5 programs/concerts/awards ceremonies a year.

50,000 minutes

At the end of my tirade I remembered to thank God that they always come back.


Vicky said...

go get a hug from your sink or something.

Bego said...

thanks--incidentally, the majority of those minutes are yours.

but i do have my sink--we were made for each other.

Vicky said...

the majority of those are mine simply because i've been alive 2 years longer than christy and 4 years longer than jonathan. so simply by volume you could argue that i would have the majority of the wasted minutes.

however, for arguments sake, might i point out that last year *I* was the one doing the waiting and dropping off and getting annoyed with people not being where they said they would be when they said they would be. so recalculate your number because that's an entire years less than you thought :)

love, vicky, your favoritest elder daughter

Bego said...

okay favoritest eldest daughter, I never said wasted. ever. I said waited.

And for the record, I waited the longest for you in labor, too. 21 hours vs. 3 hours vs. 90 minutes.

There are a lot of minutes in those hours.

I win!