Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I haven't really had time to focus on any of my rapier witted comments for here. Things have just been a bit busy, plus my on-line classed imploded, and I think I need to reset it tonight.

Just for the record, no, I haven't finished Darknet yet, either. Now enough of that. I have been doing some writing, though, so I'll offer up those little tidbits for entertainment.

There's my usual Monday Musings over at Rosary Army. I've gotten some nice feedback from that one, which is always nice. I've noticed I get more feedback when I actually put my addy as a hyperlink. Once, though, I got a very bizarre comment. Let's just let that go.

And today, Rob at Ink 'n Doodles put up an essay I wrote for there on the blog page, which is a nice compliment for me. It's kind of a self-indictment, but hey, confession is good for the soul.

So that's it. Hi to everybody, and I hope to be able to return tomorrow with a commentary on Chrsity's adventures at the Thespian conference, and her audition (and Jonathan's) for the musical next year. I don't get why the auditions are now, when they haven't even opened the spring musical, but hey, I'm not the one doing it....

And finally, Chad posted his reminder for the 12 of 12 next week. I hope you guys play along--it's great fun!

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