Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FTP! But what does it mean?

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Fire the Panzers!

Fire the President!(a rallying call at work, hmmmm)

Free the Pandas!

Feel the Pain?

Ok, so it's File Transfer something-with-a-P. Whatever. I am astounded by the lengths I go to in order to understand a technology that really means very little to me, but has insidiously injected itself into every corner of my life. C'est la vie.

Props to Danny who gamely held my hand as he talked me through some DOS nightmare on my computer. He was so cute--he actually asked me how much I remembered about DOS. Uh-huh. I remember "c:\" and "a:\" and then it goes down hill fast. Don't ask me what the commands are. I mean really, if it doesn't have a cute little animated button that turns around while cheesy music plays, I don't know how to use it.

Twenty years after the power supply died on the IBM clone with the state-of-the-art matrix printer, causing me to show up at my parents' house crying and holding a floppy disk that really was floppy and contained an early draft of the thesis that was now eternally lost, and I still don't back up my crap, and the boy asks me if I remember DOS.

I'm lucky if I remember my name.

Anyway, mission impossible turned into mission accomplished, thanks to Danny Boy. I'd sing for you, but I like you.


bobm512z said...

FTP commands
get = a Friend who knows some Unix to help you out

put = some cookys in the oven for you r friend

bye = wish your ftp session and friend all the best and hope you never need it or other obscure CLI info again.

Scott said...

File Transfer Protocol.

If you have to use the command line, I recommend ncftp over vanilla ftp. Set bookmarks, remember passwords, auto file completion, good status updates during the transfers, etc. While I know there are nice gui ftp programs for Windows and MacOSX, I still tend to find it quicker to use ncftp. I'm a bit Old School that way...

Bego said...

Scott, how funny that my brother Danny should use the same Old School route...gotta get him those cookies.

Vicky Johnson said...

because i know you are wondering gui (pronounced gooey) = graphical user interface. ie. check boxes, those little circles you click on when taking online quizzes, and widgets.

ha. your brain can now explode. :)

Bego said...

You are astute. I don't know what all that other Greek is, either, but you've blown my cool posturing by remaining quiet.

For the record, my brain is imploding.

Greg said...

Now I feel guilt.

You used COMMAND LINE to do this??? Oh my. You are a trooper indeed.