Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally played a new board game...

...and gotta say: it rocked! A while back, I was reading Luis Escobar's blog, a charming guy with a neat blog. Give it a read...if you like the Simpsons you can go stalk him over there (he's one of the animators--how cool is that?).

Anyway, he's also a big board game fan, and reviews plays and analyzes the games in great detail. Also, to my great amusement, he seems to be losing a lot to his wife--I feel your pain, Luis. I am the resident loser in my house. My husband and son seem to be the great strategizers, and barring some lucky night (I do win often enough to think I can do it again) generally, they'll wipe the floor with me.

NOT THIS TIME! Well, okay, actually "yes" this time, but I almost won. I know, almost only counts in horse shoes and nuclear explosions. Anyway, almost won--right up until the last move.

We got Settlers of Catan for Christmas, thanks to a lovely gift card from my uncle. We hadn't been able to play, although genius boy had studied the rules like it was the SAT review. Anyway, we finally just set a play date, and did it.

We loved it! It's all about strategy, with a little luck. A cross between Risk and Monopoly--you're building roads and settlements, but also thinking about blocking and trading, and getting some development cards that carry some bonus opportunities. It took us about 90 minutes to play because we were learning and stuff, but we're excited about playing again this weekend. and I'm going to win because now I know the Boy's weakness. Yeah. He likes sheep.


Luis said...

Thanks for the plug and the compliment.

Yeah, I've been losing an awful lot lately. Worst part about it is that I lose at the games I like the most. *Sob*.

Great, mini session review. I'm sooo glad you liked the game. It's always tricky recommending a game because you never know how it will come across. Luckily Settlers has been proven to be a good "gateway game" (like "gateway drug" but for board games). Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride are "gateway games" also. It's difficult to go wrong with them.

Settlers is so much fun. Every time I play it, it never ceases to impress me. Thing about Settlers is that once you've played it enough times, you can buy the expansions which add little changes to the game (like extra islands or marauding pirates).

In any case, I'm glad you had fun. I'm a bit envious that you're going to get to play it so soon after your first game. It may seem like I play games a lot but I actually don't. *Sigh* Anyway, have a blast playing the game.

Bego said...

I won! told ya I was gonna win. Those goofballs are gonna try and play again tonight. I shall be ruthless. RUTHLESS!