Sunday, February 24, 2008

Crackpot? Nah, CROCKPOT!

I love quiet Sunday mornings, and this Sunday morning is especially quiet. The Boy arrived from Savannah at 2 AM. Thank God for Daddy's that stay up late to rescue kiddoes. I was snoring up a storm, after watching my new favorite movie...twice!!! Anybody seen Stardust? It's kind of like I started to try and mash up all the movies it reminds me of, but I changed my mind. Cute. Sweet. Happy ending. Sarcastic ghosts. Adorable leading man. Witches. Stardust. What's not to love?

So in my quiet alone time this morning I threw a frozen hunk of roast in the crockpot, sprinkled some garlic, salt, and onions in there, and walked away. This afternoon we'll have a lovely early dinner/late lunch, and all it took was the realization that I own a crockpot. Why did I ever snub my nose at it before? Proof that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks.

Speaking of dogs, my only companion in the stillness is Suki, who is curled up in the hallway where she can see the foyer, and still stare at me randomly when she decides that the furnace is presenting a threat. She's a lousy guard dog. She'll bark madly at the leaves, but not wake up when someone is pounding, POUNDING on the front door. At least she doesn't stand on the kitchen counter and eat the butter.

Today's rambling is brought to you by the fact that I have a translation project to finish today. I love avoidance behavior. I have several more projects that I must complete before I finish said translation.

I just got a brilliant idea. In the future, I will design odious little projects that must be completed, and then I will finish the real projects as avoidance tactics. Hmmm. The concept is brilliant, the execution will no doubt fail.

Let me think about it as I go do some dishes. I'm sure they were all done when I went to bed last night....

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Julie said...

Awww. I remember when the dog ate the butter. I miss you all terribly.