Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Aaaar, ya landlubbers! ! !

Ahoy! Me mate and me didn't have to use our ferocious pirate weapons, since th' godfosaken grades were submitted early. After being talked at interminably at a faculty meeting, we were ready to walk th' gang plank ourselves. Luckily, Captain Hook released us from duty th' rest o' th' day, so we're off to swill a pint or two o' grog.


Anonymous said...

"Aaaar me matty!" nice outfit. :-)

Vicky Johnson said...

you make my soul cry.

Bego said...

you make me dead. i like anna's comment better ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ja-- I am glad is you with the "harlequin" disfraz.

If it was me the voices of VAYA POP se cantarian very strongly.

Oh well maybe GEICO will hire you two for a new commercial,, LOL !!


Bego said...


I'm in ur comments, not making sense.

Vaya Pop. You make me laugh!

Anonymous said...


Your brain and your fingers are disconnected!

Tu hijo major