Tuesday, September 18, 2007

this in from cuba...

After serving for two different dioceses at the same time, my uncle was finally able to step down from one. I guess bilocation really is possible, although the ensuing gray hair seems an inevitable byproduct. I can't even imagine the workload, let alone the stress of shepherding his vast flock with the usual wolves-in-waiting;he has to do it under the specter of a particularly diabolical chupacabra.

Pray for vocations. And pray for the priests and religious in Cuba.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bego thanks on behalf of your Tio. I see you are resuscitating the Chupacabra concept.

Good Job # 1 !!


Jaime said...

Is good to have a face next to his name. Too bad I never get to meet him while in Rome.
Fr. Jaime