Friday, September 21, 2007

Updated: Who sues God?

Betcha he wasn't expecting a countersuit.

This fool sued God to prove there are frivolous lawsuits. He wasn't expecting a response, but he got one. The article, "God Apparently Responds to Lawsuit" explains it all. If you have a few moments, you should follow the link and read it. I snorted my coffee as John read the article.

My favorite highlights:

  • St. Michael the Archangel is listed as a witness.
  • The suit was filed in...wait for it...Corpus Cristi.
  • Best quote from article, regarding the presentation of the suit, "This one miraculously appeared on the counter. It just all of a sudden was here - poof!"
There's actually some serious commentary there. Ha!

Seems that there's more news about the suit against God. An attorney came forward to accept responsibility for the first response, saying that just in case, somebody ought to defend God.

Duh. Things are not looking good on earth. But the big mystery still remains with the other document, that just "appeared" on the counter.

In other news, apparitions at my old parish, St. Brendan, in Miami. Check out the video that accompanies the brief article.


Greg said...

Who sues God?
Sue sues God.
Who sues Sue's God?
Sue sues Sue's God.
Sue sues Sue's God, Hue sues Sue's God.
Hue sues Sue's God, Sue sues Hue's God.
Hue sues Sue suing Hue's suing Sue's God.
Sue sues Hue suing Sue's suing Hue's God.
Silly Suing Suits Suing Sue's and Hue's God.

rob said...

Greg... um... wow... not sleeping much?

Jennifer Munroe said...


I am glad that this event has inspired others to come to church and recieve the precious gift of God's grace!

from the Coffeehouse