Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The last time I linked to an article...

A bunch of people got their panties in a wad. This time, it'll be mice, so unless they have magical powers, I feel pretty safe.

This article discusses the raging hormones in teenagers and gives a pretty plausible explanation for their mood swings. I'm not one to point fingers these days as I am a hormonal mess myself, but as the mother of three teens, I have to admit the article did grab my attention. After all, we know puberty stinks, on many levels.

That lasted for about ten seconds because really, who cares about the effect of stress on mice during puberty?

The part of the article that grabbed my attention and kept it long enough to inspire me to blog about it occurs towards the end. It turns out that PUBERTAL is a word. As in, "the pubertal mice were affected" or some-such scientific sounding phrase.

I can't wait to try and work that word into a conversation, it sounds too much like something else.

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Anonymous said...

Bego.............I have a "PUBERTAL" desire to kick Nancy Pelosi's rear for been such a hipocrit !!