Thursday, March 15, 2007

Houston, we have a problem

The adage that the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, while generally true, doesn't necessarily mean a Porsche. Witness these pictures from Sunday afternoon. A twenty dollar rocket and some soft drinks and everybody had a good time. Even Baker.

I learned there's a difference between a B engine and a C engine. John learned it, too, since that's what put him up a tree. For the record, that was Christy's launch that landed in a tree.

The other launches, by Jonathan and Baker, pretty much blew up the rocket. The parachute caught fire, the string that held the nose to the fuselage burned off, the nose went flying (with the camera in it) but they found it.

Anyway, enjoy.

What's an outing with the boys without the plot to mock and ridicule them?

Evidently rocket science really IS complicated.

I was perched on Vic's old haunt. I figured, it was safer that way.

It made for great comedy, too. Check out who is in the tree. Jonathan and Baker are weenies.


Anonymous said...

Is that john on the tree ? cuidao with the opossums---------like the Ficus tree in front of your house here in Miami.

Anonymous said...

estoy aprendiendo despues te comento

Anonymous said...

Veo que estan disfrutando. Tengan mucho cuidado.