Monday, March 12, 2007

March 12 of 12 version 2.0

Time for another 12 of of 12. Check out Chad's big idea here. You know what's going on here--my day captured in 12 snapshots. Many people have already lamented that theirs is going to be the dullest since it's fallen on a Monday. I dunno about that--all I did today was grade, grade, and then, grade some more. There's only so much I can do with a red pen, you know?

7 AM Christy incredulous--partly because she can't believe it's so early, and partly because she saw the 847 herbal supplements and fiber shake I had for breakfast. Yeah, you can thank me for not showing it. Gross doesn't really capture the...essence of the shake.

7:15 AM The usual commute. Again, how many times can I show the tail lights? I gave in to a staged picture of the obligatory woman putting on make up in traffic. I hate that cliche. I do much more complex things, like pluck stray hairs on my chin.

8:00 AM I down a cup of green tea before going to teach a class. We won't discuss the...effects of so many herbs and such.

11:00 AM Round 1,356 of grading. It's interminable.

12:30 PM Wendy's has a really nasty salad. I'm guessing, I'm not getting another one.

1:00 PM The saga continues. More grading. Things are getting bloodier.

2:30 PM Hitting the stress ball. I didn't squeeze it, though. It was more fun to bounce it across the room to the wall. It came back every time. I had a rhtyhm going to the soundtrack of Dance with Me.

3:00 PM I entered the grades and got ready to split.

3:05 PM But first I spokewith Christy about the after school schedule.

4:00 PM As it happens, Jonathan had nothing going on, so we went home. There's Pol Pot in the picture. That cookie (yummy) was what's left of my birthday "cake." I shared it with the boy, who was already making his way towards it.

6:00 PM Gossiping with the coaches. That's Christy holding the lacrosse ball sack. Um, yeah, that's what those wenches delight in calling it. I'm sure there's a much more delicate way of putting it, but there you have it. Actually, if you've seen the musical, The Music Man, they actually say "Balzac!"

7:00 PM Vicky didn't have dinner with us, because she's not here, duh. So we used her spoon with the flower.

Bonus picture: GREEN

Okay, it's a bit washed out, but this stretch of road is really getting green. Only, the damned Bradford Pears are blooming, and they stink, really badly. Why would all the builders tear down the natural flora in this beautiful area and plant the smelliest trees in the world?


Anonymous said...

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing!!

CondoBlogger said...

I'm guessing Pol Pot is the dalmation? I love dalmations... not the brightest pup in the kennel, but l o v e a b l e !

Which salad from Wendy's was gross? I'm a big fan of most of them.

Happy birthday by the way.

Pete said...

That cake looks delicious! I think you deserve it after all the detoxing :)

Dogeared said...

Did you at least get any "I have no clue what the answer is, but if I give a really funny answer, will you give me half credit" replies?

Bego said...

Yes! ! !

Somebody defined Transcendentalism as a cross-country dentist!

lronie said...

Fair dinkum did I miss your birthday will save a send something from this part of the world Happy day old girl.

Zippy said...

Hope you had a great birthday - the cookie looks YUMMY! Lucky Pol Pot!


bon said...

Belated happy birthday.

And seeing all of that "order" in the grade book makes me miss my teaching days (limited as they were) at Athens Academy.

Aww. Nice memories.

Great 12 of 12!