Friday, October 13, 2006

Triskedekaphobia? Not us!: Happy Day, Christy!!!

On a Friday the 13th, 16 years ago, my precious Mouse was born. John was threatening to name the baby Jason if it was a boy. The nurses were scandalized. The doctor told me not to worry. I guess he knew something all along.

Anyway, no such thing as bad luck. I even walked under a ladder today, because they are fixing the roof just outside my building, and I would have had to re-enter and leave by another exit. Like I said, I'm not superstitious. But, I watched some people hesitate, go back in, or think about it before they walked under the ladder.

What a bunch of losers. The only bad luck would be if the thing fell on their heads. They could get a clue from the wacky people here, having a grand time at the annual let's debunk superstition party going on in New York. There's even an obstacle course where they dodge black cats, open umbrellas indoors, and yes, even walk under ladders.

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The Jules said...

I don't like it when Savannah opens umbrellas in the house. But I think that is more of her being obnoxious and in everyone's way with it. *shrugg*