Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 12 of 12

So here we go again with another 12 of 12. Check out Chad's brainchild here. You can read the rules, and see the world wide submissions. It's a pretty fun activity--celebrate the mundane, capture the fantastical, or console yourself with the knowledge that you're not the only one leading a tepid existence.

Sheesh, sorry for the mood. Maybe I'll have something remarkably original for next month. For now, the voyeurs can just take a peek at what a mild-mannered college professor does. I'll work on finding a phonebooth for next month.

Sometime around 6:45 a.m. I ate a bowl of raisin bran. OMG, I am possibly more pathetic than I thought!

These two goobers have a cross country meet today, and it's cold and promising to rain, so they are gussied up and posing as gangstas. Somehow gussied up and gangstas just doesn't work. Whatever happened to smiling for the camera? One day when they are old they are going to ask themselves why they look stupid in every single picture.

I sat down to check email and such after I returned from dropping off Frick and Frack. It's not even 7:30 yet, and I don't have to be at work until 10, so I burned some CD's.

Then I did some laundry because all I ever seem to do is laundry. By 9:00 I had finished a couple of loads, so I felt I had done my piece for family today.

After some tutoring and twiddling of the thumbs, I escaped out the back way and had Chick-Fil-A. If you're not from the South, capital "S", then you don't know what you're missing. I will concede the point that sweet tea is an evil concoction, though. Yuck. I had mine with Coke. This is Atlanta, after all.

Sadly, I had to return to piles of grading. The only way to learn to write is by writing. It's painful for me over here on the receiving end of those first attempts. I imagine that screening literary manuscripts must be an awful job. On the other hand, those editors can pitch the garbage. I have to make nice and write encouraging comments on even the most feeble attempts.

Finally, I make it to my car, in the dark, in a not so great area. What happened to the street lights? I was ready for some Kung-Fu Fighting ( or running--I was in flats).

Traffic was the usual congested mess. It's very dark by 8 p.m. and the time hasn't even changed yet.

I saw gas for sale for $1.92. I was so amazed that I tried to take a picture. Now that I think about it, why did I take a picture? I should have pulled in and filled up.

Home Sweet Home. Did anybody save dinner for me? No. They will pay for this when they least expect it. I whipped up some cheese quesadillas, which were filling, but not exactly fulfilling.

What, you may ask, is the significance of an empty laundry basket? Ah, you are so brilliant! I have, indeed, finished the laundry. Until tomorrow. When somebody throws dirty underwear in there and starts my purgatory all over again. Let me enjoy my picture.

And finally, I am off to bed. I've been following the advice of FLY Lady and shining my sink before I go to bed. It's made a big difference for me and my slacker ways. Goodnight--I've gotta get some sleep.

The Bonus Picture: Halloween

Let me express my extreme bitterness at not being able to attend this year's Herald Hunt, formerly the Tropic Hunt, in Miami. BOO-hoo


Laura said...

Surprisingly enough, there is a CFA in South Bend, but as I am carless up here, I enjoy it only rarely, when someone with a car brings it to me. Tonight my Freshman Peer Leaders Small Group Leader (huge title, I know) surprised our group with a gallon of sweet tea. I was in heaven, almost. I can't wait for the euphoria of my first chicken nugget and pattented waffle fry when I get home... ooh sounds so good.

Vicky said...

so crazy coincidence? fly lady was featured in the entertainment section of the technique.

The Future said...

Hey- you stole that picture from my August 12 of 12!!

I too love the chick-fil-a.

Thanks for putting your pics up! Here's my Oct. 12 of 12:

Sean said...

Hey, I notice a sudoku game that I have and a meerca plushie on your computer desk. I had totally forgotten about neopets. It's been so long since I logged in that I can't remember my password. Oh well. Thanks for the pics ^_^

Andy said...


I'm sorry you won't be able to attend the Herald Hunt this year...but there (hopefully) will be others in the future...if I can do anything about it!

Just wanted to note your links to other sites don't work. You are putting:

When you should have:


The Tropic/Herald Hunt Archives Curator :)

Bego said...

Thanks Andy. I didn't notice that I had http twice.

Alas, it's a wonder I can maintain a blog at all.

anyway, all fixed now.

Bonnie said...

You are so FUNNY! Love the gangsta kidz (Frick and Frack). And I was thrilled to find a CFA in Los Angeles a couple of years ago (can't have it now, though... gluten). Good for you, encouraging the future writers. Someone in that stack may be the next great author... and you're helping to nurture that somehow (sorry it's painful, reading the rest of it). And $1.92 gas? Holy cow!

See you next month!