Monday, July 17, 2006

The sky is falling, and there's no Chicken Little in sight

It finally happened--construction has started on the new building, which is designed to wrap around the old building. I thought it was bad working inside while they were blasting for the new driveways. I got it all wrong.

I am, at this very moment, a little creeped out by the thunderous explosions and the reverberations of the pounding going on maybe 100 feet from where I'm sitting. It's highly disconcerting to watch my coffee cup dance across my desk. During one of the blasts, dust fell from the ceiling tiles. I hope I'm not on the evening news, being dragged from the rubble.

I wonder if I'll get to wear a hardhat?

On the positive side, the lead architect is working out of the office next to me, and except for the random spot check outside, he seems to prefer working inside, in the comfort of air-conditioning. Not that I blame him or anything, since the temperatures around here are in the high nineties. I digress. The point is, if he's inside here, I'm guessing things aren't going to be collapsing anytime soon.

I hope.

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