Sunday, July 16, 2006

lazy sunday morning

So it's early, but not that early, and the house is quiet and everybody is asleep. I think I'll leave it that way.
I'm enjoying the silence, reading the news, having a chat with my second (or third---who understands how one details such parentage? my mother's cousin, so my ----?)something-cousin, on IM.

Wow, I need coffee given the state of that convoluted sentence.

Anyway, enjoying the silence. Went to see The Lake House with the girls last night while Jonathan was at a party--John still putting finishing details in the inventory, so I am on the one side feeling badly for him, and on the other, just trying to stay away and give him some peace to work. Meanwhile, the pile on my desk getting bigger by the moment. Perhaps I'll have to do some excavating today.

I think I need to lay low anyway, as I was accused (and perhaps rightfully so) of menopausal weirdness last night. Ha.


Vicky said...

that picture is perfect. absolutely perfect.

The Jules said...

Look at those ta-tas! Darn, Mom!

cortijo said...