Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What to post? What to post?

I got...nuthin'.
What a chuckle--I published the above instead of a draft that doesn't get published. Sorry. I had oatmeal turning to cement and a washing machine running water, and no clothes in it. And still, I got nuthin'.

I suppose some days are just like this...bla. Bla bla bla. Bla bla bla bla bla. Maybe it's the rain.

I've got an awful lot of stuff to do today, and sitting here waiting for the muse to show up is a bit of a time-waster, but the discipline of actually posting here daily has helped me trudge through some other writing that I want to finish in this life time.

The distractions are endless. For example, the bane of my existence: laundry. I just don't get the laundry situtation. When I was a kid, the future was supposed to be fully automated. Disposable clothes were invented when I was a kid. Well, actually, my mom invented disposable clothes. When my brother had one of those heinously offensive diaper emergencies in public, my mother just stripped him and pitched the whole thing. Let's just say he's lucky he got a fresh diaper and wasn't thrown out with the mess.

But I digress; I'm still waiting for the automated future, and here I am, in the future. Um, I mean, my childhood's future. The 21st century. You know what I mean.

Where are the floating cars? Where is Rosie the Robot to clean up after us? Where is the food dispenser that obediently provides "tea, Earl Grey, hot" ???

All I got is a flip-phone that chirps like a tri-corder. I feel ripped off.

If you feel my pain, you might be entertained with this: http://www.retrofuture.com/spaceage.html

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