Monday, March 20, 2006

Manic Monday? It's just a song

I never did post the picture of me with a drink, did I? I went to sleep, and here I am two days later, eating a bowl of oatmeal as I write these lines this morning. After some very beautiful weather these past few days, it's almost a shame to see cold and rain; we're even under a flood warning. Not to worry, though-- if the Yellow River loses its banks, it won't mean anything to us.

We're headed into another busy week, but unlike last week, most things are well-organized and if not running smoothly, most definitely running. The show must go on, and all that.

Seussical opens on Wednesday with a parent preview, and then goes from Thursday through Sunday. That means late nights (what else is new?) and scrambling for dinners. Vicky is still in rehearsals, and Christy has a couple of games this week, so after feeding the Who's down in Whoville on Wednesday, I'll be selling concessions at the Lacrosse game on Thursday.

I want to see the stupid feminist that claims that stay at home moms don't work or do anything valuable. I'm the one that's taking care of her little precious ones dressed in Abercrombie & Fitch, and pretty much abandoned to whatever it is I decide to feed them. Cynical? Nah, just pointing out the obvious. And I do nothing compared to the hardcore ladies in the PTA (btw, I mock them incessantly!).

After spending a weekend working alongside those women(and men!), I must say I come away with a renewed sense that not everybody is for show--there was a lot of hard work accomplished, and the kids were appreciative, too.

More of the same this week, with different sets of parents. I might make some new friends.

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