Sunday, March 12, 2006

12 on 12

A little game to show what we do on the 12th of the month. The object is to take 12 photographs throughout the day, to document the routine, or silliness, or random moments.

I woke up at 8:14 am and shuffled into the kitchen for my first cup of java. I certainly hope you weren't expecting me to post a picture of myself in that condition, so you'll have to settle for the cup of coffee on my messy desk, where I checked up on email, started this mess, and helped Jaime with one of his practice homilies. Blissful quiet until....

The King and Master, or in this case, Superman, got up at 10:43 am, whereupon he immediately had several insulting things to say about my choice of shirt (A very nice University of Georgia polo). He said I should burn it, so we went in search of the ultimate Sting....

whereupon, the newly admitted Techie had the honors of pitching the shirt into coffee grounds and who knows what else, at about 10:57 am. Note her slippers have the GT logo.

Then, at 12:57 we all sat down to an artery clogging brunch. Everbody was chomping on bacon, and even the dog was sitting quietly hoping for some scraps. of course, breakfast at 1 is typical if you get up at noon. Nevermind I've already put in a full day.

At 1:45, the queen of I'll get around to doing my sacrament prep homework finally got around to doing it. Class is in an hour!

2:45, time for the garbage detail! Jonathan is the expert in that area.

3:00, time for Sacrament Prep class. Sometimes interesting, sometimes tedious. Isa owes me because I am the sponsor-proxy.

5:05 pm, the picture whores are posing and acting up for the camera.

5:30 Mass. Aren't these angelic looking little angels? Or, something. John and Vicky bolted away from the camera.
7:00 John, Jonathan and me went to get a bite to eat at our new favoritest restaurant, Casa de Waffle--just read the label on the hot sauce.
The movie, Passion of the Christ, ended very late. At 9;40 pm, Vicky decided to take a nap outside the parish hall.

10:51 pm, getting sleepy and finishing up the blog. Phew. Long day.


Own a Life said...

Hey, I was browsing through blogs and started reding your's.

I know you've been told already this, and I know because you say you have, but here it goes... you are a funny and interesting person and yo do have a cool way to say things, you seem to be a very nice mom and a very good wife, you care for your family and even get the time to write about your life like a modern mom, I congratulate you and keep up the good work.

I'm from Mexico and I'd like to thank you for making me have a smile even if it was for a while.

I wish you and your family a very good and happy life and keep on writing...

critter said...

How cool! A comment from Mexico!!--is this for real?!