Monday, March 13, 2006

all you're getting is this lame post today

So yesterday's little adventure in documenting my day has left me...well, rather rather put out at the idea of sitting down at the computer so soon after the final post last night.

Nevertheless, I don't dare take the day off. Who knows what crazy call I'll get from Mami, or what kind of hostage situation created by Vicky will assault me.

With that said, let me examine my schedule for the day. First, I have to run 2, 473 errands for John. That should keep me busy for a bit. Oh, and Jonathan needs to go to the orthodontist, which means he's expecting that I take him to lunch.

Then there's the girls, who have late evenings today--to cook or not cook? That's always the question around here during the week. Well, Chris is playing at St. Pius, and it's two games back to back, so that means another night of fast food for her. Vic--who knows?

And what about me? I have to grade two sets of papers that I should have graded last week while I was on spring break, and didn't. Woe is me. You always have to pay the piper. Why don't I seem to learn that lesson?

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