Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Shave and a Haircut

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I finally took Jonathan to get a haircut. His hair was the longest it's ever been. I didn't know he had curly hair, but I guess that's no surprise. We went to the usual place, Toney's Barber Shop, in the old part of town. I love that barbershop. It's cheap, but the truth is that I love the ambience.

OK, so maybe ambience is not a word you would associate with a barbershop, and definitely not this one. It looks like it popped out of Mayberry. Where's Emmett? The walls are vintage paneling, and full of old photographs and hand-lettered signs exhorting fear of the Lord via verses from Isaiah, and one big sign warning "NO profanity allowed."

The barbers, yeah, BARBERS, wear the light blue surgical-looking shirts. Very retro, but you know they are like 70 years old, so it's really just the way they dress for work. They actually use witch hazel, and my favorite part is when they pull out an air hose (the regular mechanic kind for compressed air) to brush off the hair.

It's across the street from the county court, so there are a lot of men in suits getting trims. Very Mayberrry indeed, because there's also a lot of the small time politics going on there. In short, it's like taking a little trip into the past.

Too bad you can't get a shave and a haircut for 2 bits.

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I'm enjoying your daily entries!
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