Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well, so I disappeared off the face of the earth. Ok. Well, I'm back, sort of, until I disappear again.

Had a bit of a crazy end of the term. Definitely crazier than usual. In the midst of all the final exams and getting the grades ready, and the compulsory holiday cheer, we also had to move into a new building. Oh yeah, that was great fun. Essentially, we were on standby for the move. Those of us with any sense packed early and then just had to move some boxes.

Please don't ever think that in my personal life I have ever achieved that kind of order, but at work I'm pretty compulsive about records. Nothing would irritate me more than having a student question one of my practices and I couldn't pull out the documentation instantly, so I guess I use up all that energy at work.

Please don't bring up the laundry, 'mkay? I noticed last night that about a month ago I washed all the white socks in bleach and got them all white and shiny, and then dumped them into a hamper to sort later. Meanwhile, John and the kids complaining about never having enough socks. Oops. Now I know why.

So you see, a bit scatter-brained. Anyway, the good news is that I was able to get into my office and move quickly. I've managed to put everything away, and get some serious filing done, and my colleagues are still somewhat running around with an impending deadline that threatens to dump their stuff. The problem with this move is that it had to be quick because there were offices waiting to move into the area we left. Alas.

Well, this doesn't make up for my prolonged absence, but now that I have internet up and relative calm again, I should go back to my old schedule of posting silly things -- peppered, I hope, with the profound.

Unfortunately, I only have the camera on my phone, but this should give you an idea of my work this afternoon. The office is actually much bigger than it looks, but the angle of the shot was rather awkward.

You can see that I have a window! A pathetic little thing to make me happy, but after being in a tomb with the server humming all the time, it's a rather welcome sight to look outside and see the cemetary across the street. It helps me ponder the meaning of my own mortality, especially when the men in blue race by with the sirens blaring. Oh, am I sounding cynical and whiny? Didn't mean it it all. I rather enjoyed the beautiful Atlanta winter today, with its gray overcast and drizzly demeanor. That was not sarcasm. I actually hope to have a raging thunderstorm soon so that I can really enjoy the window.

And, if you're wondering what else has occupied my time, you can maybe make-out some papers by the computer where I was doing some research for my latest crazy endeavor, courtesy of the phenomenal Fr. Roderick of SQPN. Check it out, I am actually co-hosting a talk-show with him. Yeah! It consists of him saying all kinds of brilliant things, and me being totally enthralled and then adding something goofy. I hope you check us out!

And so, after getting back into this blogging thing, I leave you with:


Anonymous said...

Ha ..good I am glad you are back !!



Anonymous said...

The only reason I knew she had not expired, is because I live with her!