Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Here are some pictures documenting our celebration. Pay close attention to the food. Yeah, John did most of the cooking. Check out the breakfast leftovers--he tackled making cuban bread, which was pretty OK out of the oven, and his coup, pastelitos. Incredible! Tummy yummy yummy. As I write this he is at the grocery store with Christy in search of more ingredients for the next project: croquetas from scratch. Suki is amazed by the all the decorations and especially the tree (that never has enough water--I wonder why?)
We had to keep the presents isolated this year, and only took them out of hiding after mass. Check out the broomstick in front of the sofa. we have discovered that the dog is terrified of brooms and vacuum cleaners--so we have brujerias all over the house with brooms set out strategically. Ha!

Like a kid, she would ratehr play with the packaging...

And finally, Fact or Crap. Interesting. It's second only to Bongo, "the game that is sweeping the nation!"Merry Christmas!


critter said...

Hilarious about the broom...I wished that worked with Bandit!
I hope you can replicate the menu during our visit in April -or- May!!

Anonymous said...

Pastelitos, Pan Cubano , How nice !!

My breakfast down here was, Black American coffe, Oatmeal,Whole wheat bread and Peanut Butter. !!

Ha...what a confusion. LOL.