Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Leaf Blowers and Other Complaints

So I don't care what the vet said, the dog is in fact blowing her coat. One of us needs relief, as the Jerry Clower jokes goes. She's scratching like the beast that she is, and I am looking for sharp objects to poke in my ears. I win, becauseI discovered the merits of lathering my ears with Vick's VaPoRub, the Cuban cure-all. The pooch just has to wait for someone other than me to brush her coat. In the leaf-blowing department, there will be no bright ideas to bring the yard tool into the house to take care of the hair problem.

Which of course leads me to the real rant about leaf blowers. I saw a lawn company blowing a GIGANTIC amount of leaves off the property that they were evidently hired to clean. The house and very big yard were absolutely PRISTINE. It's one of those homes that appears in magazines, and is so beautifully manicured that it looks pretend. A CGI house.

And then, I got really pissed off. Those landscapers were blowing the mountain of leaves across the street into someone else's property. Let's just say, that house looks a little bit more natural, a little bit less manicured, and now, it looks a GREAT DEAL more VANDALIZED.

Is there such a thing as leaf vandalism? If there isn't, there should be. I was truly offended by what I saw. Of course, all I'm doing is ranting about it here, but still.


Anonymous said...

The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America has an option " have pets that do not have fur or feathers, fish,snakes,frogs and turtles are some choices".

I can just see you walking a Frog !!



Anonymous said...

Knock him down John ... shoot up amongst us, one of us has to get some relief!