Monday, November 19, 2007

Are you still there?

Even I feel like I've disappeared off the face of the earth.

Only. Not.

I haven't posted a real entry in a while. Instead, I cleaned the office. Thoroughly. Many sneezes later, I find it relatively inhabitable. Mostly. There's still a lot to throw away.

And then there's a small matter of being hyper allergic to the new dog, and a sudden and violent reaction to cigarette smoke.

So, lot's has been going on and most of it very exciting! A small recap:

John chaperoned an overnight high school trip to Valdosta. Somehow, and to my extreme amusement, he has cemented his reputation as scary and unapproachable. He brilliantly thwarted a multitude of sneak expeditions, and now he has been recruited to repeat the performance in Savannah. At some point, kids with sense pulled out chairs to watch the fools try to escape his watch. Morons (the sneaks, not the good kids getting entertained).

The One-Act Play State Competition went well, and our troup placed third in the state. Not bad for their first time! I'm proud of them!

I got my first royalty check for the books, and let me tell you, it's very nice to see some cash flowing in from all that work. Hopefully, the Composition Companion will be a nice little cash cow that will allow me to do other, more creative stuff. Who knows?

The dog has tested me at every turn, and besides a forgiveable tendency to sit on the sofa in the living room (she watches the back yard all day and gets agitated if I close the blinds), she pulled a little trick that wasn't all that funny to me. In retrospect, any neighbors watching got their fill of entertainment. I made the mistake of walking her without the choker, and she refused to come back inside the house. Instead, she threw herself on the grass and stretched in the afternoon sun. I was stuck outside for 40 minutes, trying to get her back in the house. The more I pulled, the slacker she got. It was a real battle of wills. Finally, I threw myself on the grass, too, and decided to soak some rays. That's when she decided that it would be better to go inside. What a little wench.

Back to the trenches writing for That Catholic Show, and I have a couple of creative projects that I'm working on.

And NaNoWriMo? Totally abandoned, but I got a really good 10k bunch of words for me to continue with as I can.

That is all. Maybe this broke the ice and I'll get back into daily updates.


Mami said...

Welcome back! I missed you. Poker tambien se acuesta en el patio, al solecito. Love you

Anonymous said...

Hi..I am glad you are back.

Sorry about the dog and cigarette alergies. I will add those concerns to my daily prayers.

Also I will go see one of my "Santero friends" and do a "trabajo" for your problems.

Hope you feel better soon,


Anonymous said...

The dod will be gone by morning, suggest you say good bye tonight!

My office will be in the basement by Friday!