Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Stuff Here

Well Hi-dee Ho. I made some changes in the blog which made my mind explode, but miraculaously, it worked and I managed to salvage a few things. It's still not quite the way I'd like it, but I can live with it, and hope you can, too. I don't want to mess up anybody's fung shui by changing the template too much. At least for me, it's a bit disconcerting to go to a blog and it's changed, but hey, evidently a lot of people do it, as in the past couple of months I've seen like 5 changes. It's just not for me.

The two special features that I added include links to my books. Run now and buy them! And this google thing that shows random episodes of That Catholic Show. Just scroll down and select a pretty picture, and the full video will play up here. That's the weird part--that the link is on the side but it plays up here like a post. Go figure. My head is not in a place to deal with that now, so enjoy, or not. Whatever.

I do hope you'll watch them. Pretty please?


PurpleP said...


Bego said...

LOL. Niiiiice.

Lisa, sfo said...

LOL -- you finally made good on all your threats to fiddle with the sidebar! And ya threw in my lil' blog -- thankee! :-)

(Small note, tho': You swapped links with my blog and Rob Suarez's -- his title links to my blog, and mine goes to his. D'oh!)

Lisa, sfo said...

OH! Forgot t'mention: I made good on my threat, too -- added a link to your blog on my sidebar! (See Blogroll Bits > General)

Mwaha! :-D