Monday, September 03, 2007

Adversaries? I don't think so!

These two lovely young ladies met face to face in the big game. Check out those lovely smiles!

According to Vic, Notre Dame has the nicest fans ever. I suppose those silly Domers have their priorities in order. Anyway, she had a blast at the game, and it's good they won. It's better still that the losers were gracious. Vicky had to march flute at the game and since they were literally on the field, accidentally got kicked in the face by a cheerleader. You can see the bruise on her lip. The injury wasn't all that bad, but she was taken to the bench where the trainers staunched the bleeding and gave her an ice bag. It was there that she met Calvin Johnson and shook his hand. That kid makes me laugh. Who could consider getting kicked in the face a stroke of good luck? Ha!

When they got to the stadium she says that as she looked up at the sea of ND fans she knew there was no way she'd find Laura, but in the middle of doing some goofy marching maneuver she saw a couple of green shirts walking along the side, and when she looked, it was Laura. so, here's a little shout out to Laura and Joey. (Hey L, I heard you have a better pic--share?).


gill030815 said...

Notre Dame fans are nice? Please, she obviously didn't meet any of the "Golden Domers." They are the most arrogant fans in America, bar none. Of course,how can you not be nice after your team gets embarassed on its home field. But it's cool the SPX dynamic duo got together. A classic college memory.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with gill030815 about been " the classic college memory ".

The friendly accident suffered by Vicky also reminds me of my grandmother telling me " SARNA CON GUSTO NO PICA, Y SI PICA--NO MORTIFICA--.

Continue moving forward Vicky, you will be fine!!



Laura said...

At gill030815- :-( I'm sorry for your bad experiences with ND fans- we're really not such a bad group. The embarassment was not the team, who were trying hard, but the fans that stopped cheering and left early.

Maria, I'll send along the slightly better pic soon. In both, my smile is somewhat distorted given that I was marching, smiling, taking a picture, and trying to watch where I was going at the same time.

Vicky Johnson said...

goooooooooooooo jackets!!!

seriously, this was the greatest game ever. i'm glad we got to stomp on the irish!

no worries laura, i'm glad i got to see you too!!