Friday, August 24, 2007

My final word on Castro today

So here's the link to the post I was looking for earlier, the one about Castro being dead. In case you miss the joke, it's a poster of a movie called Weekend at Bernie's. The whole point of the movie is that Bernie was dead the whole time, but the guys were hauling his dead body around, propping it up and maintaining the charade.
I am of the serious opinion that Castro has been dead since last year. No kidding. Nothing you could say would convince me otherwise. It's kind of like the people who think Michael Vick is innocent. I don't care what you say, Castro is pickled and even his brother Raul isn't running the show.

Alas, here's the farked version of the movie poster. Makes me laugh every time.

update: a link to channel 7 in Miami that actually expresses quite well that we aren't really celebrating the guy's death, but the opportunity to move forward without an oppresive totalitarian regime.

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gill030815 said...

The movie poster is hilarious. By the way, I think most of the world will celebrate Fidel's eternal dirt nap, expect for maybe the benevolent ruler of Venezuela.