Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Neil Sedaka morning

I'm listening to Neil Sedaka's Laughter in the Rain from Rhapsody, which is no big secret, but some of you may want to check it out, so here's the link. It's The Definitive Collection, so go figure that it's another name for Greatest Hits. It's perfect for my current mood.

It's kind of rainy this morning, enough to keep us indoors and avoiding yardwork (aw, gee, see the disappointment?), so instead, He-Man went to get bagels, and after loading up on the tasty treats, we've settled into a lazy Saturday. That means nobody is doing anything signficant.

Except me. I still have to cook tonight. Oh, and Chrsity is baby-sitting. That kid is racking up the bucks. I should start moonlighting.

And then, there's the ubiquitous laundry. Gah!

But first, let me point you guys in a diiferent direction today. A couple of months ago, it seems, I got this random twitter invitation from someone I didn't know, and checked him out. He goes by JazzyChad, and he's got an absolutely BRILLIANT project going on at It is awesome. He has taken all his friends and followers and made all kinds of really cool mosaics from the pictures people use for their accounts. There's even a link to the mosaic software, so I might give it a try this weekend. In the small world of six degrees of separation, it turns out that Vicky knows the guy from the band. How weird/funny is that? Small world. Which, by the way, is the latest mosaic.

Click on the mosaic and it will take you to his awesome site.

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