Monday, June 18, 2007

PSA's and other writing

So, after a rather low key weekend spent in gastronomic Father's Day pursuits, I'm ready to get back to the business of slacking off during the week. I've got a few things to finish off before new projects can be started, and most of it is merely the inconvenience of decluttering. Oh, well, we did paint the deck some more, and it looks a lot better. Unfortunately, the unpainted portions are really glaring at me now, though. John got one of those neat little compression air brushes--we'll see how that works between the wood slats. Alas, the work is never finished.

There was a lovely article on Greg and Jennifer (from Rosary Army) in the Rockdale Citizen this weekend, and I even got a little mention in there--it's pretty amazing to see the attention we're getting for That Catholic Show, and it's especially fun to be so behind the scenes that I retain anonymity--I don't think I could hide my disappointment if somebody trashed the show, but that anonymity has gotten me some very nice comments! Awesome!

And so, I posted a Monday Musings over at the HQ page of Rosary Army, and wonder at the internet's role in evangelization, plus give a plug to SQPN. Here's a blurb from today's post:

Those diligent monks who copied and illustrated Bibles and other tomes were the
first Xerox machines. The epistles, especially from St. Paul, were the first mass mailings, intended for a large group as he reached out to newly-formed Christian communities. Can you imagine what Paul would do today with an email address book? Bishop Fulton Sheen, too, used the communications medium of his day to reach millions of people, first with a weekly radio broadcast in the 1930’s, and later with two long-running television shows, in the 1950’s and then again in the 1960’s. He even won an Emmy!

It’s no surprise that our beloved Pope John Paul II should declare that we “enter into this modern and ever more replete communications network with realism and confidence … convinced that, if it is used with competence and conscientious responsibility, it can offer useful opportunities for spreading the Gospel message.”
Anyway, that's part of what I'm doing lately that has occupied what's left of my free time. Maybe I'll be adding some new stuff here in the next few weeks.

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