Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12 of 12 v.2

Off to work. That right headlight seems a little weak. How come I never noticed that?

See that stack of papers in my arms? Those are final exams that I still need to grade.

Check it out! I used up all the ink. All of it. I usually lose the pen before that happens. It was a long and tedious session, believe me.

I think McDonald's might have been healthier than this Philly Cheese Grease in a bun ready to soak up any grease that might have escaped my arteries. It was good.

Wanted to include The Boy in my pictures. We had a nice chat about fishing and letting his little cousin beat on him. I had a conversation simultaneously with a few other people, including Jennifer--the caricature on my computer is actually her. In the shameless plug department, you should go check out That Catholic Show.

Running errands. Is that Kathryn?

Look Ma, no hands. I promise I was at a stop light.

The obligatory commute. Isn't my neighborhood green?
These lovely ladies put up with my abuse and never threw me out. That is the championship VBS team of all time. Wah-Hoo!

Because I did not sufficiently clog my arteries at lunch, I decided to whip up a batch of empanadas. Yummy.

Job applications or something. I dunno. She seemed happy enough to pose.

This isn't a secret at all, but I am always intrigued by the turtles that perch on this log in the middle of our lake. Doesn't it look like a gator?
Edited on June 13: Thanks everyone for the comments about the turtles. I feel it necessary to make a full disclosure here, since the picture is getting so much attention (cool!). Christy (in the orange T-shirt above) took it while we were crossing the causeway home. Go Christy--I want credit to go where it should!
For Danny: Gators!


beth said...

Great pics!! I love the turtles!! :)

BU said...

I actually thought it WAS a gator until I read the caption!

rob said...

Cool Begs... nice script formatting there Mrs. Screenwriter!

CondoBlogger said...

Your nieghborhood DOES look green... suspiciously green... maybe the cops ought to take a drive down there and see if you are obeying the watering bans! LOL.

Cool shots!

Dogeared said...

Like BU, I thought it WAS a gator at first!

Abby said...

Wow, did you actually use up all that ink grading those papers? Ooh, empanadas are good hehe.

I too thought that log was a gator lol...I was gonna say that those turtles must be brave.

Fellow 12 of 12er,

K said...

That does look like a gator! Those empanadas look great!

Zippy said...

OMG! I was totally fooled into thinking that was a gator! I love turtles - look at them just sunning away. And can you send me an empanada please - those looked delicious!


Jaime said...

Where can I find the cartoon of Rosary Army?

SeƱora CC said...

Regarding the turtles - awesome.
Congrats on not misplacing the dreaded red grading pen until you had used it completely. Hopefully you didn't have to...highlight...too many of those exams.
Great 12 of 12!
~ CC

Bego said...

@Rob--you have good eyes, man. I finished that script, and am working on another one at the moment!

@condo--I live by some lakes, so the folks water their lawns from it--I, on the other hand, have a crispy lawn just like everybody else. boo-hoo.

@everybody else, we should make an empanada picnic and sit by the lake to watch the turtles! Thanks for the comments!

Liz said...

I also thought the log was a gator. (Poor turtles!)

Also: heh, VBS. I haven't volunteered in years--I, you know, work--but it's always a huge, fun, chaotic thing at my church. Crazy!

Lipp said...

I also thought Gator. Cool turtles either way. And I like your green neighborhood...and I think maybe your right headlight is just a little low, maybe not weak...and of course I want empanadas.