Friday, June 29, 2007

I don't like pets

And while Splaish has grown on me in the same way the algae tends to grow on his tank, it was I that had to ascertain which little shrivelled piece of matter in the sink, alongside bacon, onions, and noodles, was the unfortunate little fellow that had leaped out of his little bag in the transfer to his new condominium.

Yeah, add Coast Guard to the long list of hats I have to wear as a mother. Where was his mother? Oh, she was the one squealing and giving her father a heart attack.

May I suggest the pretty little net that most civilized people use when transferring fish? I'm sure it won't break the bank.

The excitement over, and the fish doing whatever it is that fish do, we settled back to admire his new digs.

Stay tuned for the serialized adventures of Splaish, and his new girlfriend, Splish, who is currently a little undone by the whole experience. They are living in separate homes until the courting period is over and she is introduced into the condo....

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