Monday, April 16, 2007

Cell Phones 37; Pop 0

So, in the world of annoyance calls my father wins the prize. Unfortunately, he wins the prize by losing the battle in figuring out to make cell phones work when they are supposed to, and remain in the off position when they are not.

I am no stranger to this phenomena. That's why I switched to flip phones a few years ago. For me, the final straw was calling my grieving friend who was on the way to bury her father. Talk about tacky timing.

Pop has called us at odd hours, startling us out of bed because he's dropped his phone on his dresser as he was turning in for the night, and accidentally called. Then of course we call back, startling him. There's no pleasure in that, it's not a crank call, and we both end up cranked for the night.

Today, he phoned again, and I cancelled the call because I happened to be in the library at the time. I stepped outside to return the call, we chattted, exchanged pleasantries and I went back into the library, and he returned to chopping down some tree in his yard. I didn't realize that I had a voice mail message until much later in the day.

Distracted, I checked the voice mail, and only heard heavy breathing. For a long time. Disgusted that I was getting porn calls, I hung up and deleted the message. It dawned on me moments later that I was not listening to some pervert's heavy breathing, it was the sound of the saw muffled through Pop's pocket.

I can call him a colorful list of things, but crank pornstar is luckily not one of them. It just better not happen again, Old Man.


Anonymous said...

WOW.....You are the best.

Never new that a chainsaw had such a sexy sound. Believe me this one is as good as the day I told Daniel to shup-up or he will get a



Wency said...

my cell is not a flip phone but is permanently locked unless a call comes in. I'm not a fan of the flip phones personally. Anyways, I'm still intrigued by the fact that people say they are "dialing" a phone number even though phones no longer have dials. I wonder how long that'll last.