Saturday, April 14, 2007

the passing of a different baton

Sometime in mid-May there should be a ceremonial passing of the baton, I mean, passing of the car keys. In a tradition started many years ago with the original I Will Fly, my mom gave her used Toyota to Vic as a transportation for her senior year. As she had no wheels, the gift was greatly appreciated, and Neep has served her needs well since then.

Sadly, Neep has had an extended rest between visits, because keeping a car on campus has been prohibitive, and Vic, independent Vicky Sola that she is, hates the idea of always depending on her friends to give her a ride. She's picked up some odd jobs for the summer, including tutoring conducting to a drum major, so she needs something a little more reliable than Neep.

Neep is fantabulous for the 7 miles roundtrip from the high school. Sixty miles in and out of Atlanta, not so good.

Thus, her father decided to help her out by looking through the used cars in the area. It turns out, that buying new was only a couple $k more than the used car we were looking at, so here she is with the as yet un-named transporatation, complete with REAL new car smell. *


Anonymous said...

Chica I am so proud of you folks !!

Nice car by the way,hope you enjoy your new wheels Vick


Anonymous said...

lucky girl spoiled i might add. you had better pay that good old man back ,so get on your bike kid and think about the love.