Monday, April 09, 2007

The Catfish Festival

We had a delightful little fishing trip to Mexico Beach (ok, really it was St. Joe's Beach) in Florida, and hoped to have plenty of tasty fishies to bring home.

Alas, the only thing biting was the wind, and an interminable round of catfish. Just for the record, those are some nasty fish.

Anyway, the fishermen plugged on in the hopes of catching something edible. Eventually, a perch made it's way into the clutches of Ahab's rod, but it was too late, the catfish had launched their invasion and the next day just saw more of the little buggers.

Here are some pictures of the fisher king, his knave, and the two princesses who were far more interested in taking artsy fartsy pictures than anything gross involvling fish guts. Enjoy.


Mami said...

Al menos algo pico. En Publix venden catfish asi que no debe ser muy malo. Congratulations a los
pescadores, lo que divierte es
que piquen.
Besitos para todos.

Goldiefish said...

Glad you had a good time!