Tuesday, January 30, 2007

peeling movies and killing beetles

Sounds weird? I think so, too.

I've got this on-line class that I teach and settled into the evening waiting for the messages from students (that never arrive---I guess they're all gonna get A's or F's).

I see my husband intently concentrating at his desk, so I ask him that ever-original question: Whatcha doin?

I know I don't get points for creativity, but I wasn't expecting his answer:

"Peeling movies and killing beetles."

Apparently he has ordered a bazillion movies from some cheap on-line source and the package came in. He was peeling off the wrappers and struggling with the obnoxious strip of tape that seals the box. To entertain himself he played some RPG that involved killing giant beetles for some valuable drop. It's all Greek to me.

for Laura

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