Monday, January 08, 2007

David Bowie turns 60 today

And I am not surprised that he is a mere 16 years older than me. Why that seems to impress me has something to do with the frightening realization that somehow, 16 years isn't so much, and then the next even more frightening realization, that perhaps I am closer to 60 than I previously thought. The funny thing is, all this time I thought I was still 19. Feh.

The thing is, I'm not a particularly intense fan of Bowie. Sure, I enjoyed "Fame." Okay, I played "Fame" all the time when I was an angst-riddent teenager, and I think The Man Who Fell to Earth is brilliant, and later, I really liked the sound of "Golden Years."

On second thought, maybe I was a kind of Bowie fan.

Except, I can't stand that duet he sang with Bing Crosby on one of Crosby's Christmas specials, back in the day when entertainers actually had Christmas specials. It was painful, and I'm not particularly fond of Bing Crosby either.

Anyway, happy birthday Ziggy.

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