Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Che, and the girl next door

subtitled: adventures in random roommates

Vic, somewhat hesitant to find herself rooming with a complete stranger, accepted an invitation to room with a classmate from high school. Initially, perhaps not a bad idea. In practice, let's just say that their world views were sufficiently different to cause some discomfort and...awkward situations.

Both being decent, if not necessarily on the same page regarding men, they parted amicably, albeit not on the 'friends list' with each other.

Such is life. Rodney King's lamentation, "Why can't we all just get along," comes to mind.

Embracing the ever optimistic youthful outlook typical of, pardon my redundancy, youth, Vic put in a bid for a new roommate, thinking that she already had some badluck, it couldn't get any worse. Ah, it's that arrogant challenge that we throw at the Fates that gets us in trouble. Never say it can't get any worse. It's usually an open invitation for just that.

Roomie #2 has been missing in action since before the end of last term, when the exchange was granted and Vic began the tedious process of moving all her belonging into a another building. After cajoling the housing staff, they allowed her access to the room in order to drop off her stuff.

So, what does she encounter upon walking into the room? This.

A giant flag of Che Guevara.

What are the odds? I can't bring myself to post the actual picture, so you'll have to make do with the banned Che pic. To quote my uncle Jorge, "I really didn't dig that guy. He was an uptight Argentinian...ASSASSIN."

It started a wave of speculation, however. The girl finally made an appearance yesterday for a brief moment, and then later today, she stopped by for a brief, but engaging visit with Vic. It turns out that the chick is a Communist.


Can this be real? When she saw that Vicky had put up a Cuban flag on her wall, she was clued in to the fact that it was probably not a good thing to have Che's portrait up, in the interest of personal relations. As it happens, she's living with her boyfriend, who accompanied her on the visit. A Chinese guy. Another Communist.

The report is that she was very pleasant, and that she wouldn't be hanging around too much, so Vic pretty much has the whole room to herself. Party on, dudette.

Meanwhile, whatever you do, please don't say it could be worse.


cortijo said...

I'm speechless!

cortijo said...

...and I thank God that we are not allowed to have roommates! :)

Greg said...


Don't dare me like that!


Vicky said...

oh mother. how i love your usage of $1.00 vocabulary. no more current sightings of the roomie.....i'll keep you posted!

love, vicky

gill030815 said...

Harkens back to the days when my first college roomate was a Protestant from Northern Ireland via Canada at a Jesuit school. Let's just say that the Northern Ireland flag he hung in the window didn't go over too well. It made for an interesting St. Patrick's Day.