Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve!

We are already in celebration mode, and Christy insisted upon a port wine cheese log. Celebrate today, constipate tomorrow is her motto.

Actually, there's great excitement of baking and cooking going on. John and Jonathan have put together the pork roast, with an obscene amount of mojo, but the kitchen smells awesome. Christy is a baking fiend, making a variety of cookies, and I'll dabble in some lemon bars later.

And Vick is doing what she does best, sampling the food. What a kid for not liking to cook. But she makes up for it in eating everything.

Christmas music is finally allowed, between strains of AC/DC and scandalous R & B, so I'm happy. Except, on that musical theme, I just heard that stupid Christmas song by the Beach Boys, the one that has the dumbest line in history: Christmas comes this time each year.


Merry Christmas everybody!


Vicky said...

i take offense to that statement, thankyouverymuch.

Bego said...

rumballs, brownies, cookies, PIZZA ROLLS. orange juice WITH PULP!

although, I'll concede that the cheese log is not your fault.

cortijo said...

Merry Christmas Johnsons!