Friday, December 15, 2006

coming up for air

So, sorry for my prolonged absence. I haven't figured out how to bilocate, and it seems that when final exams approach that everybody wants a piece of me. Even with my skillful use of the word, "No," I still find myself in a position of saying "yes."

To be fair, my "yesses" tend to mean something, and while they are far and in-between (what is the correct American idiom---can I claim a cultural void here?), they are still time-consuming (in a good way).

Since my last post, I attended a beautiful performance of the Messiah, administered final exams to five classes, graded 103 final exams, 68 research papers, 37 grammar tests, and attended three faculty meetings, two commitee meetings (one on-line!), answered 42 email requests to give extra credit, and fielded uncounted text messages from the offspring, and attended a frightening and eye-opening presentation by a homeland security agent. There was also a cross country banquest, and of course, the college Christmas party. Kudos to them for calling it a Christmas party and having Christmas trees, and a creche. A creche! With the baby Jesus. Intriguing. It was at a baptist church with a banquet facility (beautiful). It had the obligatory dried chicken, but everything else was exquisite.

And now, I am sitting in my office blogging, because there is nothing else to do around here. We "Meetinged" through lunch, so two rum balls, a piece of fudge, and a big candycane are all I have in my system.

I am starved.

The good news is that I'm off until next year! Sounds nice.


cortijo said...

Emjoy the Vacations!

cortijo said...

I'm sorry profesora,
I mean eNjoy!

Anonymous said...

Did you see that story recently about a killer whale at Sea World grabbing a trainer's foot and holding him at the bottom of the pool in what was supposed to be the finale of a performance? Coming up for air takes on a whole new meaning. The moral of the story: finals suck (giving them and taking them), but you should be grateful that your job doesn't involve possible death from drowning by killer whale.

Bego said...

Perspective is everything.


cortijo said...

My finlas are in January-February. How can I enjoy the Christmas break? The magnificenct European school system!