Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thanksgiving is giving thanks

Thanksgiving isn't just a national holiday and an excuse to pig out on too many carbs. Although admittedly, it does have its allure.

Today is a glorious Indian Summer day. The sun is shining so brightly, and so warmly that I had to go outside and bask in its glow. Who knew I could be so romantic? About nature, no less?

I'll treasure the moment, because it isn't going to last. Tomorrow, we'll return to the damp gray dullness that is Atlanta in the fall.


rob said...

yeah, yeah, yeah...
you should be writing!

So.... when are you going to send me an excerpt so that I can "audio drama" it?

Bego said...

lol, you have it. It's Darknet. I counted the first 1000 words as my outline, and picked up the story.

A cheat? Perhaps, but I really wanted to do the story, and Jonathan was left hanging.

Sean Carter said...

Well Thanksgiving is almost here and everyone's getting busy preparing for the great celebrations....and hey just visit my Thanksgiving Blog sometime and I'm sure it'll lift up spirits....well visit son and have great time!!!

rob said...


Woooo HOOOOOO!!!!!

Not a cheat at all.... remember, NaNoWriMo is all on the honor system, and, well... you know how "honorable" we all are....

Darknet! Woo hoo!