Wednesday, November 08, 2006

NaNoWriMo conspiracy

So the world is conspiring to keep me from writing. Jonathan busted out some brackets, so they went ahead and removed the whole thing. He celebrated by eating a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon.

I celebrated by taking a picture of his $4k mouth. He better wear his retainer.

Meanwhile, the run to the orthodontist cost me precious writing time (I love inventing reasons for not being able to write--it's part of the game).

Christy had a fantastical audition for the Governor's Honors Program for drama. She worked very hard on her monologue, and then the guy directed her differently. Ha! That's how it goes. She felt like she did her best, so now we wait to hear from them.

Meanwhile, she brings home these headshots, and so I tried to take a picture of her so I could say something clever, like "All right, Mr. Deville. I'm ready for my close up."

But, she was uncooperative, citing some goofy excuse like she was in her pj's and not in the mood for a picture. She's just grumpy. But cute.

And what news of Vicky? After spending all day at the polls yesterday, I took her home for some TLC and John's potato soup. She was feeling really crappy and spent the day at the university health clinic, where they first had to determine she didn't have mono (thanks, I'd like not to explore that one further) and determined that she had strep throat. I'd post a picture, but I'm feeling charitable.


rob said...

Great head shots!
Now go write!

Vicky said...


i believe it's "I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. Deville!"

and thanks for not posting a picture of me....we all know what happened the LAST time you posted a picture of me looking sub-par :)