Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Scooped, by another blogger! O.J. Simpson and the Absurdity of Life!

Mondays and Wednesdays are lousy days for me to be able to write and do other stuff because I teach straight through the day. By the time I'm done, I'm so spent, I barely have time to really do much but go home and crash. I do try to read some news during my pathetic 30 minute lunch, and today's news is of course, the insanity about O.J. Simpsom getting a special on tv to describe how he would have killed his ex-wife if he had done it.

I immediately came up with like 40 different ways to respond to this, and be clever, and express my outrage. It's what I do--pretend to be amazingly clever.

Well, I sit down at my computer at home this afternoon, check some e-mail, moderate some goofiness at a forum, and then, figuring I'm going to impress my readers with a psychotic rail against that master criminal with the big brass ones, I decide to check in at Chad's blog to see if he added any more 12 of 12 people. I know it's weird--I don't know the man--he's got an interesting blog--he's got some interesting links to other interesting blogs. I read them--they amuse me or make me think, and here's the thing--I think that's what blogging is about, so forgive me with my total familiarity with this guy I don't know, and allow me to continue to refer to him as just Chad, some blogger in California.

ANYWAY, having discovered that he beat me to the punch about O.J., and having published a rather impressive rant himself, I bow to his post and suggest you read it here. That way I can rationalize that the whole bit in the previous paragraph about Chad's blog was just me having to spew something in response to O.J.'s audacity.

Have a nice day.

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