Monday, November 27, 2006

Missed me?

Me, too. I mean, I miss writing here, of course. Although, those who know me might add that I am not quite myself. Or maybe, it's my true self, which then, would be good, or bad, depending on your perspective. My point, and I do have one, is that I'm feeling a bit fragmented lately.

Mostly, I haven't been able to write a word, not even a thank you card, or directions to the bank. Not writer's block, more like, time block, or really, no time blocked for writing.

The trip to Miami was a trip, dammit, as it didn't quite go as planned. Again, not a bad thing, since the car broke down in my parent's driveway, and not on the turnpike. Everything after that was wonderful, as really there was no where to go but up after that little escapade. I will add the bonus picture, which includes all the old Cuban men from the neighborhood staring at my engine--as if their incredible powers of concentration could fix the problem. It was classic, and I did what any red-blooded daughter would do--I gave my Dad a peck on the cheek, said, "Thank you, Daddy," borrowed his car and had perhaps the best Martini of my life at my mother-in-law's house (She of the Emily Gilmore ilk, no kidding).

To her husband's dismay, they were out of olives, so I had cocktail onions, which are now my favorite. The rest of that visit was a bit Twilight Zonish, but Emily behaved.

The rest of the weekend went swimmingly well, and we had a lovely surprise visit by my brother and his tribe of little gorgeous monkeys, including my godson who is a giant cutie-pie.

So, to quote Dr. Frankenstein, "It's alive!"

Stay tuned for more...whenever.


Goldiefish said...

Glad you're back! Missed you definitely. Though I'd see you yesterday.

Bego said...

alas, played a very bad hooky, as my bro rolled through town (shame on me, but only if I have remorse, right?)

Anonymous said...

I missed you too!!

(and seriously? a slide show? teach me, Master!)

cortijo said...

Welcome back Maria, I miss you too!