Wednesday, November 15, 2006

happy belated birthday, Greg

I drank a Sierra Nevada, and it's an OK beer, um, ale, of the pale variety.

I prefer cellar beer, which is a tasty German beer that most gasthauses sell on tap as the local brew, as in, the house brew. It has a warm caramel color, and is not bitter like a pilsner. Actually, I'm surprised that I didn't enjoy the Sierra Nevada more, because I do tend to like ales. I used to drink Samuel Adams Boston Ale, and here's a pretty cool link to their site, but you might have to register your age before entering. It occurs to me that maybe the cellar beer is an ale, and I'm just using the German name for it.

John is partial to hefeweizen, which is yeasty, and I call it liquid bread. Very tasty, but terribly filling. And it has a high alcohol content, so one half liter is more than enough for a buzz to end all buzzes.


Anonymous said...

birthday? huh? ick, I'm so out of the loop.

Greg said...

Just seeing that bottle makes me thirsty.

mayflylady said...

Christy gave me your blog address - and what do I find as the first blog topic - beer! I drank a bunch of local wheat beers in Wisconsin a few weeks ago - very nice! Jule-Lynne