Thursday, October 05, 2006

restroom ettiquette

I've heard of the complex positioning of men in public restrooms when there are many open urinals, with the appropriate selection being as far away as possible from the ones already occupied. It makes sense to me.

Women have it easier--at least we have stalls with doors and locks (most of the time). I think the same rules of selection apply to us, though. I mean, I wouldn't go next to someone if I could put a stall between us. Unfortunately, one of the reasons it is so interminable for women to go to public restrooms is because the stalls take up more space than a urinal. Don't worry ladies, I'm not advocating a change in the system.

I'm just choosing my blog to vent about a very creepy experience I had in a public restroom today. When I entered, there was a woman who had just exited a stall. I chose a different one, because, frankly, ew. Intellectually, I know people have been there before me, but I had no interest in following a recent occupant. By the time I reached my stall, the woman had finished washing her hands and had thrown away the paper towel, and seemed to be headed toward the door.

Instead, she stood outside my stall. I swear I could hear her breathing. I couldn't believe it. On the weird-o-meter, this woman was off the charts. I thought, maybe she's fixing her hair and there's a mirror in that unlikely spot. Then I thought, hmm, should I ask her if she needs help?

In any event, my bladder clamped up, equally freaked out, so I gave up on my errand and zipped up angrily and left the stall. She was just standing there, no mirror around. I gave her a creepy look, and washed my hands. Evidently that was her cue to leave.

Relieved, I was able to relieve myself. I have to chalk it up as one of the most bizarre experiences in a bathroom, ever.

I don't generally ask for input from my gentle readers, but I really need to ask: Am I crazy? Should I have said something, even if it was an angry go away?

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Anonymous said...

Ewww is right!!! People are so "different" and really creepy sometimes. I still think that women who talk on their cell phones in the rest room (perhaps men do this too....) are creepy too. How rude is that! Just had to add...